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Are you tired of being bogged down by the never-ending demands of in-house IT Operations and Security? Introducing ZenAdmin, the revolutionary solution designed specifically for cloud-native companies like yours.

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Your IT & security processes are time-consuming & broken

In our journey of building cloud-native companies, we've witnessed firsthand the complexities and time-consuming nature of IT and security processes. Achieving compliance and implementing proper procedures require a wealth of knowledge and significant time investment. Traditionally, businesses faced two options: hiring an in-house IT admin or outsourcing to an external IT admin. Unfortunately, both options resulted in a loss of control over processes.

Finding an IT admin with extensive expertise across all areas, while maintaining transparency and an overview of operations, is a challenge. In-house IT admins often find themselves overwhelmed, with 60% of their tasks being manual and repetitive, leaving them longing for more meaningful work.
Outsourcing to an external admin makes your processes reliant on someone who charges by the hour and holds all the critical knowledge.
As entrepreneurs, we simply cannot afford to relinquish control of our IT and security processes. We need structured, scalable, and transparent systems in place to facilitate growth.
Imagine a world where new employees are ready to start from day one, with all accounts set up, passwords shared, apps installed, and full transparency over all devices and assets.
Artur Schreiber
Dapo K.
Chief Technology Officer
Benjamin M. Kaleja
Co-Founder & MD
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Fast-growing cloud-native companies trust ZenAdmin to manage & automate their IT operations & security processes

Founders love ZenAdmin because they can get compliant fast. It helps them to show product & company maturity and legitimacy - the foundation for unlocking large deals.
IT admins
IT admins love ZenAdmin because it integrates seamlessly with their systems and reduces their workload by automating processes so they can focus on the things they love.
Human Ressource
HR love ZenAdmin because it puts employee IT on autopilot by deep integration into HR systems, saving them a great number of hours on- and offboarding employees.
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Join our team of passionate professionals and enjoy a world of exceptional benefits, growth opportunities, and a supportive work environment. Explore our exciting open positions today and take the first step towards a fulfilling future with ZenAdmin.
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