Identity Management

Streamlined Identity Management for your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365

ZenAdmin empowers your team to grow with speed by implementing best practices without spending hours configuring workspace settings.

Supercharge your workspace with best practices

We set up your workspace with industry-leading practices, optimizing settings, configurations, and security policies to ensure you operate at peak efficiency and safety. Enjoy a workspace that's not just robust and secure, but also truly optimized for your success.

The right access for everyone - internal and external

Navigate the complexities of access control seamlessly with ZenAdmin. We ensure each employee gains the correct access to groups, shared drive folders, and holds appropriate roles within the company. Safely sharing files with external parties becomes effortless, preserving the integrity of your sensitive information. Embrace a Google Workspace or MS SharePoint setup that's designed to support, protect, and elevate your operation.

Double down on security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

By implementing Multi-Factor Authentication, we add an additional layer of protection that keeps your data safe and secure, ensuring peace of mind in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

Zenadmin benefits

Benefits of Streamlined IT & Security Management

Reduce your workload and costs and speed up approvals with automated workflows.
Security & Compliance
Get ISO 27001 ready the easy way with centralized control over access rights to ensure legal compliance and high-level security through comprehensive monitoring and reporting.
Get transparency about all your IT assets in one place (devices, access, Saas apps, etc.).
Our clients

Loved by Founders, Admins & HR

Your one-stop shop for your IT Administration & Security workflows along the employee lifecycle.
Valerian Seither
I only regret not outsourcing this topic earlier, hiring ZenAdmin has taken away so much of my headache. What I value most is that we have been able to streamline IT administration processes, remove IT security risks and our internal resources can now concentrate fully on our business again.
Valerian Seither, CO-Founder at
Electric mobility provider
110 Employees
Series-D acquired
Patrick Kern
ZenAdmin quickly helped us to get tiresome IT Ops processes off my table by taking over IT on-/offboarding, application provisioning, and device security. This frees up many hours to focus on our clients.
Patrick Kern, CTO at
Deep Learning Anonymization
41 Employees

ZenAdmin: Your IT Administration platform

Use ZenAdmin to centralize IT administration & security management – so nothing gets in the way of your moving up and winning big.
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