Why ZenAdmin

Reduce workload & get more compliant with ZenAdmin

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Why Zenadmin

Handling employee-centric IT management is mission critical for SMBs

Business administration the old way
Major source of frustration among staff
Lack of dedicated security knowledge
Expensive & underutilized admin
Complacent & fragmented industry with little automation
Retainer-based pricing with high service fees
Business administration with ZenAdmin
Holistic IT management along the employee lifecycle
Security & compliance by design
High automation degree through pre-configured workflows
Costs savings & best practices through standardization
Transparency & insights through connected data
Employee Productivity

Handling employee-centric IT management right is complex and expensive

Employee Productivity
of employees spend more than 2 hours per week on IT issues
Risk & Complliance
of all SMB’s reported to be a victim of cyber attack in 2021
Immense Complexity
Different tools are needed by SMEs to cover all major security gaps.
High Costs
Open positions in cybersecurity reflect the immense gap

Managed Service Providers and Inhouse IT-Admins can’t give you the ease of use, transparency and cost efficiency we can

Your one-stop shop for your IT Administration & Security workflows along the employee lifecycle.
Transparency through
integrated platforms
Workload and cost reduction
through automated workflows
Security and Compliance
through industry best practices
Who is it for?

Fast-growing cloud-native companies trust ZenAdmin to manage & automate their IT operations & security processes

Founders love ZenAdmin because they can get compliant fast. It helps them to show product & company maturity and legitimacy - the foundation for unlocking large deals.
IT admins
IT admins love ZenAdmin because it integrates seamlessly with their systems and reduces their workload by automating processes so they can focus on the things they love.
Human Ressource
HR love ZenAdmin because it puts employee IT on autopilot by deep integration into HR systems, saving them a great number of hours on- and offboarding employees.
Employee Productivity

Managed Service Providers and Inhouse IT-
Admins can’t give you the ease of use, transparency and cost efficiency we can

Purpose built for cloud-native companies.
We ensure industry best-
Security & compliance by design.

ZenAdmin: Your IT Administration platform

Use ZenAdmin to centralize IT administration & security management – so nothing gets in the way of your moving up and winning big.
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