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ZenAdmin is not just a platform. We are also a team of IT Experts, ready to help you with your IT.

Expert IT support from IT admin and security experts

Facing interruptions due to recurring IT issues and struggling to provide timely support to your employees?

Our integrated helpdesk offers real-time remote support via MS Teams or Slack. Automate IT tasks, enhance security, reduce costs, and boost productivity by resolving IT issues promptly.

Increased Efficiency

Reduced Costs

Faster Resolution Times

Easy Communication through Slack or E-Mail

Expert support is just a chat away.

Once set up, we start by helping you offload the day-to-day IT tasks that bog down you and your teams down.Your users can lean on us for support in the following areas:

Day to day troubleshooting and IT questions for all your employees

Device management to ensure they’re healthy, secure and compliant

Employee onboarding and offboarding requests

Who is it for?

Fast-growing cloud-native companies trust ZenAdmin to manage & automate their IT operations & security processes:

Founders love ZenAdmin because they can get compliant fast. It helps them to show product & company maturity and legitimacy - the foundation for unlocking large deals.
IT admins
IT admins love ZenAdmin because it integrates seamlessly with their systems and reduces their workload by automating processes so they can focus on the things they love.
Human Resources
HR love ZenAdmin because it puts employee IT on autopilot by deep integration into HR systems, saving them a great number of hours on- and offboarding employees.
Our clients

Loved by Founders, Admins & HR

Your one-stop shop for your IT Administration & Security workflows along the employee lifecycle.
Valerian Seither
I only regret not outsourcing this topic earlier, hiring ZenAdmin has taken away so much of my headache. What I value most is that we have been able to streamline IT administration processes, remove IT security risks and our internal resources can now concentrate fully on our business again.
Valerian Seither, CO-Founder at
Electric mobility provider
110 Employees
Series-D acquired
Patrick Kern
ZenAdmin quickly helped us to get tiresome IT Ops processes off my table by taking over IT on-/offboarding, application provisioning, and device security. This frees up many hours to focus on our clients.
Patrick Kern, CTO at
Deep Learning Anonymization
41 Employees

ZenAdmin: Your IT Administration platform

Use ZenAdmin to centralize IT administration & security management – so nothing gets in the way of your moving up and winning big.
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