For Founders, HR, and IT admins

Reduce your workload and automate time-consuming IT tasks

Save hours setting up devices late at night or muddling through dozens of tools to manage your company's IT.


Stop playing the IT Admin and setting up devices late at night

The ZenAdmin Platform helps you to reduce your IT workload as a founder and helps you to get security compliant.

Set up devices fast without manual processes

Free yourself from liability risks through IT compliance

Attract new customers who value security

Valerian Seither, CO-Founder at emmy

Automate your workflow and take your onboarding experience to the next level.

Connect your HR system like Personio to the ZenAdmin platform and make with a few clicks sure everything is set up on your new hires’ first day.

Save valuable time by automating on- and offboarding processes

Increase productivity in your team by making sure everyone has the right accesses on day

Increase employee happiness with an optimized onboarding experience

Laura Eggeling, Head of HR at Cybus

Stop being the go-to person for everything IT related.

Getting distracted by small tasks is annoying and prevents you from doing the work that matters. ZenAdmin takes the burden of small IT tasks from you by automating processes and implementing best practices.

Free some valuable time to work on projects that matter

Implement IT Security best-practices in your company without effort

Patrick Kern, CTO at Brighter

Busy again with provisioning accounts instead of working on cool projects?

With ZenAdmin you get back some valuable time as an IT admin to work on the things that really matter, without having to do the manual, boring tasks.

Work on projects that really matter without working overtime

Integrate seamlessly with existing systems to automate workflows and processes

Zenadmin benefits

Benefits of Streamlined IT & Security Management

Reduce your workload and costs and speed up approvals with automated workflows.
Security & Compliance
Get ISO 27001 ready the easy way with centralized control over access rights to ensure legal compliance and high-level security through comprehensive monitoring and reporting.
Get transparency about all your IT assets in one place (devices, access, Saas apps, etc.).
Our clients

Loved by Founders, HR and admins

Your one-stop shop for your IT Administration & Security workflows along the employee lifecycle.
Valerian Seither
I only regret not outsourcing this topic earlier, hiring ZenAdmin has taken away so much of my headache. What I value most is that we have been able to streamline IT administration processes, remove IT security risks and our internal resources can now concentrate fully on our business again.
Valerian Seither, CO-Founder at
Electric mobility provider
110 Employees
Series-D acquired
Patrick Kern
ZenAdmin quickly helped us to get tiresome IT Ops processes off my table by taking over IT on-/offboarding, application provisioning, and device security. This frees up many hours to focus on our clients.
Patrick Kern, CTO at
Deep Learning Anonymization
41 Employees

Any questions left?

How do I set up a new employee?

In your organization's Identity and Access Management system, setting up a new employee entails creating a digital identity for the person and adding them to the necessary access groups. You would also provision access to necessary applications. Additionally, you should pre-configure the device(s) of the employee with the required settings and programs.

How long does it take to implement?

Implementation takes between 2 and 4 weeks.

How is the data secured?

Data security is achieved through a combination of strong identity and access management rules, multi-factor authentication, encryption, and security controls.

How do you ensure in an offboarding that all accounts and accesses are revoked?

The offboarding process is automated and designed to securely manage the exit of an employee. This includes the revocation of all application access and all access rights, ensuring that the former employee can no longer access company resources. Additionally, any company data on the employee's devices would be securely erased.

Does ZenAdmin support Mobile Device Management (MDM) for both Mac and Windows devices?

ZenAdmin provides an effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that caters to both Mac and Windows devices.

ZenAdmin: Your IT Administration platform

Use ZenAdmin to centralize IT administration & security management – so nothing gets in the way of your moving up and winning big.
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